Our Mission

ACCEPT empowers college admissions professionals who seek to center anti-racism, equity and justice in our work and communities.

Our Vision

ACCEPT will lead the college admissions profession in creating an equitable, just, and anti-racist path to post-secondary education.

Our Values

  • Responsibility
    As educational “gatekeepers,” we hold the most responsibility in removing barriers to post-secondary education; everyone in the college admissions profession has a role to play.
  • Safe Discomfort
    We understand the difference between uncomfortable and unsafe. Sitting with discomfort is an important and valuable opportunity for growth, and we will protect the safety of our community.
  • Focus
    We center and amplify the voices of communities marginalized in secondary and post-secondary education.
  • Action
    As accomplices, we must act with boldness and courage.
  • Accountability
    We hold ourselves and each other, individually and institutionally, accountable for the impact of our actions, inactions, and words in order to grow, not shame.
  • Humility
    By minimizing power differentials, valuing voices and experiences unlike our own, admitting mistakes, and apologizing without expectations, we reduce privilege in our own space.
  • Continuous Learning
    Instead of the pursuit of competency and fluency, we acknowledge that the work of attending to the intersectional needs of communities demands ongoing practice.
  • Transformation
    By building an equity-centered professional community and practice, we will transform our educational institutions.
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