Founded in July 2016, ACCEPT is a driving force in the conversation about racial equity in college admissions.

With over 90% active engagement in the ACCEPT Facebook group, ACCEPT has earned unusual reach and influence in a short time. Through online and in-person collaboration, ACCEPT challenges its members to be accomplices in the fight for racial equity.

Higher education is the fastest path to socioeconomic mobility and equity in the US, so those of us who are the gatekeepers – and the impediments – to that path have more responsibility in the fight for social justice. ACCEPT exsits to help all of us, as admissions professionals, confront and dismantle institutional barriers that prevent marginalized students from attaining post-secondary education and the potential socioeconomic mobility that follows.

Some recent ACCEPT actions include:

  • ACCEPT members coordinated public support from college admissions offices for student activists who planning walkouts in the spring of 2018 despite threats of suspension by high school administrators.
  • A letter sent from ACCEPT to the leadership of Southern Methodist University after racial incidents on campus resulted in a two-day discussion of racial inequity in college admissions.
  • Additionally, ACCEPT has hosted over 75 in-person meetups held in collaboration with professional organizations, colleges, high schools, or community organizations.

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